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In 2015, Katie Kimball was a busy Catholic school teacher, wife, and mother of four. Her hectic schedule prevented her from asking her kids to help in the kitchen because, like most children, they were too messy and slow. Stepping in for the whole family, she decided it was time to teach her kids how to cook by themselves.

Katie’s Big Idea

Katie worried about her four children’s health due to a potential inheritance of her husband’s Crohn’s disease, which resulted in the removal of 12 inches of his intestine. Still, her hope wasn’t lost.

“We couldn’t change their genes, but we could choose their diet”, Katie Kimball

As a hardworking mom, she strove to make time for both her family and her job without sacrificing her family’s healthy lifestyle. At the same time, she realized that shooing her kids out of the kitchen wasn’t a solution for families who wanted to nurture a peaceful relationship through cooking together.

What’s more, she wanted her kids growing up to be healthy, independent, and creative problem-solvers. So it struck her: what better way to solve this problem than by teaching the kids to cook their own healthy meals?

From Cheap Cereal Hoarder to Healthy Cooking Enthusiast

The dozens of cereal boxes Katie kept in her basement were no longer fueling her family’s energy. She knew that poor, fast-food-based nutrition was practical yet unhealthy, and she wanted to change that.

As a crucial part of her lifestyle change, Katie started a food blog, Kitchen Stewardship, where she began teaching healthy recipes to adults all over the world. She blogged for solid 6 years, when it dawned on her that this practice, although valid, disregarded the most important people in her life: her kids. Not only her kids, but other kids, too. She knew that healthy food could save their lives, especially if they knew how to cook real food for themselves.

Katie, I really wanna get healthy, but it’s so hard because my mom never taught me how to cook!”, her readers would tell her. She could relate, as the only meal her son, Paul, knew how to cook by himself was guacamole. Plus, Katie always planned ahead.

“I didn’t want my kids leaving for college not knowing how to cut a vegetable and ending up relying on frozen dinners the whole time”, Katie Kimball

By teaching kid-friendly cooking techniques to her own children, she learned that this was the motivator she needed to start helping other families teach their kids how to cook.

That’s when she started her online course, Kids Cook Real Food.

The Launch of Kids Cook Real Food

Founded in 2017 , Kids Cook Real Food is a course with the goal of helping parents all over the world to teach their kids how to cook. It encourages kids ranging from ages 2 to 12 and beyond to roll up their sleeves and learn healthy recipes from scratch. Besides, it’s an essential tool for busy parents who want to spend more time with their families.

In order to take families’ busy schedules into consideration, Katie divided her course into 3 skill levels: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. She also targets different versions of the course to different age groups – this way, the lessons meet kids of all ages where they’re at. What’s more, her kid-friendly videos and lesson plans keep the entire family on the same page.

Thanks to Kids Cook Real Food, Katie is Now a Successful Online Business Owner

Kids Cook Real Food has become the #1 bestselling online kids cooking course recommended by The Wall Street Journal. Since launching the course, Katie has been featured on the FOX Network, NBC, ABC, PopSugar, Buzzfeed, and several other media channels. She went from a Catholic school teacher who made $24,000 a year to making over $53,000 in just a week.

She never thought her idea could make such an impact, but she went for it. By sharing her breakthrough through an online course, Katie has now taught over 12,000 families around the world to enjoy healthy food their kids have learned how to cook.

Not only that, but she’s authored 8 real food cookbooks, spoken at conferences like TEDx, and become a highly known advocate for children’s health. She posts regularly in the Kids Cook Real Food blog, which she describes as a “hub of information for raising healthy kids”.

Katie Kimball’s successful course has brought cooking skills to children of all ages. Thanks to the impact of Kids Cook Real Food, families can learn to eat well together from the comfort of their homes.

“I've found through the years that cooking not only builds responsibility but confidence in themselves”, she reveals.

Finally, kids can come up with their own healthy recipes and have fun while doing it. Today, over 19,000 families have enrolled in her flagship course at a current price of $149.

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