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#1 course hosting software

Hosting your course costs money every month, so we’ve included 6 months free with enrollment.


Using Teachable, you can host your videos, process credit cards, answer student questions, and pretty much anything else an online instructor would need.



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46 Top Rated Courses!

400 hours of learning on...

Digital Marketing
Instagram Marketing
TikTok Marketing
Email Prospecting



“Behind-the-scenes” Live sessions

Join us on our regular LIVE sessions where we share what we’re doing to grow


Peak behind the curtain and see what we’re investing in, building out, and what shortcuts we’ve discovered




Contract Vault

Free access to SixFigureInstructor’s vault of legal contracts for every situation you might need. Co-instructors, refund policies, copyright protection,

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Custom Video Graphics

As part of the program, you’ll get access to custom 30+ video templates & effects we’ve created that are perfect for lecture content.

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The Program Journey

Watch at your own pace.

Student orientation
Section #1
Pick your topic
Introduce yourself to the group! Meet other aspiring instructors

Use our proprietary system that matches your goals & strengths with over 7.6M points of market data to pick the perfect topic.

Section #2
Refine your idea
Ask video questions from your instructors at any time.

Use our 3 step process to find the right course angle, identify your audience, align your course goals, and pick your deliverables.

Section #3
Decide your strategy
Join any of the weekly Q&A sessions.

Decide on which strategy works best for your course: Marketplaces or Independent selling. Based on your selection, we’ll guide you on which sections to focus on.

Section #4
Outline your curriculum
Templates, Follow-along guides, and case studies included

Create a competitive curriculum with proven methods.

Pre-sell your course
Watch a live case study on pre-selling a real course.

Sell your course before you even make it! Get early user feedback and money in your pocket before you even film your first video.

Section #5
Master lecture writing

Learn how to outline and script lectures like a pro, using 1 of 3 techniques.

2 Sentence Technique
Section #6
Start filming your lecture
Shots to fit any budget or space
Pick your favorite shot to recreate from our lookbook
#1 Ultra-Budget Shot
#2 Budget Close-up
#3 Editing Shot
#4 Interview Shot
#5 Sideways Shot
#6 Whiteboard Shot
#7 Medium-Wide Shot
#8 Infinite White Seamless
Create Your First Test Video
Get video support from a professional videographer
Section #7
Learn how to be on camera
Includes pre-recording warm-ups and student critique videos.
Section #8
Slide mastery!
Learn how to edit your lectures
Simple Editing
Advanced Editing
Use our estimation and pre-approved editor list to get this done
Section #9
Finish your course
Stay accountable
Optimize your workflow
Advanced strategies
Section #10
Get ready to sell online
Section #11
Create a winning webinar
Includes customized webinar templates that you can just plug and play
Section #12
Create an ad strategy
Section #13
Create a JV promotion strategy
Includes pitch templates, case studies and contracts
Section #14
Learn how to maintain & scale enrollments
Section #15
Add additional revenue streams

Learn how to grow your income by using your content elsewhere. Books, consulting, YouTube channels, paid speaking gigs, are all on the table.

The Most Comprehensive Course
Creation Program In The World
40+ hours of self-paced video content!

“I couldn’t recommend the Six Figure Instructor program more highly for someone who wants to make an online course and also get the skills to produce video content for their business.

It’s incredibly thorough and takes you through the whole process step by step, with guidance and really clear examples. I simply wouldn’t have been able to complete my course while running my companies, I would’ve been stuck early on both recording and editing. That wasted time and frustration would’ve meant I would’ve just prioritized other things over the course, or muddled through and ended up with something that wasn’t anywhere near as professional or profitable.”

Nikki Snell, Beta Cohort
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2 ways to sell online courses

We teach BOTH ways

The industry predictions


instructors make over $5,000,000 a year


instructors make over $1,000,000 a year


instructors make over $500,000 a year


instructors make over $100,000 a year

What's included in the program
Video access to your instructor

Ask questions directly

Weekly Q&A sessions

Access to a professional videographer for support

Access to private group of course creators


  • Network with other creators
  • Find co-instructors for your course
  • Share marketing insights
  • Share course creation
  • Buy & resell gear
  • Cross promote courses with
Automatic accountability

Want us to keep you accountable?

Sign the pledge and we’ll regularly check-in with you.

Don’t want to edit your course? We’ll edit for you

We’ll only charge you what it costs us to make, and nothing more.



Taught by
industry-recognized experts

We’ve created 46 courses with over 1,000,000 paying students.

We’ve also coached 100s of new instructors on how to turn their passion into a six figure a year income.

This program is everything we WISH we had when we first started making online courses.

Don’t make the same mistakes we did. Learn from our experience, and get to success in a fraction of the time.

Meet your instructors

Evan Kimbrell

Evan is a best-selling online instructor with 35 courses in the business, marketing, and entrepreneurship spaces. He currently has around 630,000 paying students in 174 countries, and has been featured in publications such as Entrepreneur Magazine, Business Insider, CNN, Forbes, TechCrunch, and Buzzfeed.


Evan originally got into online courses because he was stuck in between projects, and wanted to monetize the career experience he had accrued up until that point.


When he started, he struggled with knowing what to cover, in what depth, and how to film it. Through years of trial & error, he now has the confidence that he can make a course on virtually any topic and have thousands of students buy it.


Read Evan’s story about getting started in online courses.


Before becoming a full-time online instructor, Evan ran a digital agency based out of San Francisco that specialized in web & mobile applications, called Sprintkick. Prior to Sprintkick he worked as a VC for a new firm called Juvo Capital, based out of L.A., where he spearheaded the firm’s expansion into Silicon Valley and into the Consumer Web tech category.

Other highlights:

Evan regularly speaks at Udemy's annual conference Udemy Live on online course promotion and production.
Evan's courses have an industry setting repurchase rate of 60-80%
Evan's course series on Product Management is the most successful course in the world on the topic, with over 170,000 students enrolled.
Meet your instructors

Symon He

In early 2014, Symon sought a way to replace his corporate income with a passive and flexible income source so he could spend more time caring for his mother who was battling cancer. Without any prior experience, he fumbled his way through many newbie mistakes not knowing anything making online courses. However, through lots of trial and error, he eventually found his footing with making online courses and was able quit his corporate job for good only a year later.


Today, Symon is a best-selling online instructor of real estate and business courses, reaching over 400,000 students worldwide. You can find his popular courses on the top educational platforms including at Udemy, LinkedIn Learning, CyberU, StackSkills, LearnFormula, ELearnMarkets, Eloquens,, and His courses and works have been cited in the Wall Street Journal, Reuters, Forbes, and CNBC. He has also entered joint ventures with partners like Robert Kiyosaki’s


In 2020 and 2021, he turned several of his online courses into book deals with publishers, including the “Airbnb for Dummies“ with Wiley and the Amazon best-selling “Real Estate Investing” and “Rental Property Investing” QuickStart Guides with ClydeBank Media Publishing. Today, Symon gets to work how he wants to, when he wants, and wherever he wants—he has complete freedom and flexibility over his work and income. And to help others do the same, Symon recently teamed up with Evan to make Six Figure Instructor.

Other highlights:

Symon turned three of his online courses into book deals, including an Amazon best-seller
His real estate investing course is the best-selling on Udemy with over 80,000 students
He's earned over $400,000 passively from his very first course
Each year Symon brings in an extra $100,000 from consulting leads driven by his online courses

Our Stats


Online courses launched


Paying students


Countries with students


Per hour earnings


In total earnings over 4 years


Spent on advertising

We are both in the TOP 1% of online instructors in the world.

Our income stats

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Even More FAQ

Aren’t courses saturated?

Not at all.


Online learning is projected to grow 600% over the next 10 years (from $50B a year to $300B a year), so there’s plenty of room for everyone. Currently, there actually aren’t enough courses to meet student demand and we expect this trend to continue to get more exaggerated.


With this expanded demand, we’re seeing small, niche topics no one ever considered to be big “money-makers” start to bloom into huge categories. Course topics like Sourdough Breadbaking, Psychic Healing, & even things like Drawing Anime are now paying some of their instructors $100,000+ a year. Yes, there are some topics that are so well established, that they already have hundreds of premium courses addressing them BUT all that means is you have to focus on a narrower topic within that larger topic to be successful. If massive “Python programming bootcamps” make millions year, for example, all you have to do is focus on a smaller (but still lucrative) crowd and offer something more targeted, like “Python programming for kids” (which makes about $80,000 a year and has very little competition.)

What if my topic only works in person?

Very few topics ONLY work in person. If you don’t have to physically touch the student, then you can make an online version of your course. There are million dollar a year courses that teach Piano, Jewelry Making, and Cloth Weaving, so we doubt your course topic isn’t doable. What it takes to transition to an online format is just careful re-thinking about how to present the same lessons & concept through video.


In many cases, pre-recorded (or live) video can be even better than teaching in person. In video, you can be more prepared, use visual aids to better explain concepts, and you can give students better visual connection to what you’re doing (one person in a crowd can only see so much, but a camera can capture the perfect angle each time).

How easily can I get help with questions?

Once you’re in the program, you’ll have access to access questions whenever you want. On the program page, we have a little corner widget (similar to the one you see here), which you can submit questions quickly and get an answer within 24-48 hours. Alternatively, you’ll also have access to our personal email addresses and can submit questions there as well. On top of the easy access setup for questions and feedback, we also have office hours throughout the week where anyone can jump into a Zoom room and work through any issues they’re running into.

How is your program different than ________ program?

We’re different in a lot of ways.


  1. We’ve created 46 successful courses on a wide variety of topics in a wide variety of formats. Most other “gurus” trying to teach you the art of online courses have made 1 or 2 courses at best (some have even only created 1 course, and thats the course on “how to make an online course“). There is no “one size fits all” approach to online courses, so if your instructor has only made them work in ONE format on ONE topic, you can pretty much guarantee whatever system they’re selling isn’t going to apply to your situation. If you got a course to succeed, then congratulations, but don’t think that one success entitles you to how how someone else’s course will be successful.
  2. We actually teach you HOW to do it. Most programs are just vague, poorly explained videos that are a mix of 20% “what worked for them” and 80% “I believe in you, you can do it!”. It’s no wonder these other programs have success rates as low as 2% (as in only 2% on enrollees made their money back). In the Fast-Track program, we teach you the concrete skills and tactics to make & sell your course. We have over 300 videos showing you how to implement a wide variety of techniques to be successful. These are skills that you don’t lose and they’re broadly applicable across all digital products.
  3. We focus on helping you create a successful long-term course business, not a flash in the pan weekend product. If you already have an enormous audience and your goal is to simply harvest money from your following without adding any real value, our program is not for you. If you want to make digital courses a mainstay for your business and to create a long term income stream while maximizing your impact, then you ARE a good fit.
  4. You can contact us directly, anytime. When you have a question, the question goes directly to US, not some clueless virtual assistant or part of a gurus “team”. So many programs pitch themselves as if you’re just an email away from contacting them, but it’s just not true. Once those programs get you to pay, they disappear or force you to get your questions answered from other students in a Facebook group. Don’t get duped by the programs that offer a “free training call” as part of enrollment, because those calls are NEVER 1:1 with who you think they’re with. They’re usually just access to a group presentation with no Q&A that’s run by an employee.
  5. We have a no BS refund policy. If it doesn’t work for you or you just change your mind, you can get a refund in the first 30 days. There are no asterisks or fine print for this policy. If you’re not happy, then we don’t want your money. Other programs restrict their refund windows to as little as 3 days, and then they make it near impossible to ever get one. One program we researched claimed a very generous “365 day refund policy”, but when you read the fine-print it was virtually impossible to ever qualify. They required that you put in at least 100 hours of effort, and implemented every single suggestion they had in the program (including BUYING thousands of dollars in equipment) before you could get a refund. Another program claimed there was a 14 day refund policy, but in order to cancel you’d have to book a high-pressure “cancellation call” with their team. The catch: They set it up specifically so it was impossible to get a meeting within 14 days.

We made the program because we were appalled how many bad actors were trying to make a quick buck teaching people how to make an online course. From impossible refunds, to non-existent support, to instructors that were actively giving bad advice, there really is a lack of transparency with these high price – low effort “create a course” systems.  We’re honestly not surprised how hard it is to make a decision when comparing programs, and we largely chalk that up to the dishonest practices we see proliferating.


Aren't there $20 courses on Udemy for making online courses?

Yep. There are over 50, in fact.


The problem’s with these courses are numerous:


  1. Most of them were created 4-6 years ago, when the industry looked entirely different. What worked back then, doesn’t work today
  2. They usually only focus on Udemy courses, and assume that’s all you want to create. They don’t tell you how to decide if Udemy is even right for you. Also, part of the glory of online course creation is that you’re creating a digital asset that can be used anywhere and in a variety of different formats. Udemy is a great platform (if you know what you’re doing), but you’re really wasting your potential if you only use them
  3. 80% of them are full of shockingly bad advice. Good luck figuring out which ones aren’t giving you directions down a dead-end road. Your time should be valuable, and that’s what you’re losing if you blindly follow the advice of a $10-20 course.

The biggest problem of all though is: what do you do when you get stuck or have a question?


Just giving you vague instructions is not enough to be successful, since everyone’s circumstance is different. A lot of Udemy instructors don’t respond to questions, and if they do it’s canned advice weeks later potentially written by a TA. These courses are not designed for those that are serious about being successful online.



is fully tax deductible Show Me How
The best refund policy around