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Welcome to the Program!

Say hi to your instructors before you get started

time 01:57

Student Advice From Past Students

Learn from the experience of students who have already launched courses

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Don't Skip This Lecture

New Student Orientation

Get acquainted with the SFI program and resources

time 07:42

Section 1

Picking Your Winning Topic

Must Watch: 0.3 Hours

Extras: 1.5 Hours

Intro to Picking Your Topic

Before we jump into picking a topic, let's talk about this section

time 03:47

Let's Pick Your Best Topic

Let's use the SFI matching tool to get a list of your best topics

time 06:00

Interpreting Your Results

How to interpret your matching tool results, and what to do if you're not sure

time 07:10


3 Common Mental Barriers

Will I Be Judged?

Addressing the fear of putting yourself out there

time 11:24

I Don't Have Enough Time Or Money

How much time do you really need?

time 9:36

Impostor's Syndrome

We all have it, so how do we address it?

time 9:39

Common Questions


How Much Can My Course Make?

What numbers are realistic? The answer may surprise you.

time 23:59


Will It Be Worth It?

How to think about the time you're investing

time 9:16


Will Anyone Buy My Course?

What happens if you make your course, and no one buys?

time 22:15