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hours of self-paced
video content
5 hours of "Must Watch" video
35 hours of "Deep Dive" extras
templates, worksheets, & case studies
Weekly group Q&As
Direct video messaging with instructors
Instructor office hours
Support from
professional videographer
Access to private collaborative community
Accountability & Automatic check-ins
Fast track editing through SFI editing


Free access to 45 courses ($7,000 value) on digital marketing, social media, product testing, & more

Free custom legal contracts for co-instructors, syndication, freelance
agreements, joint promotions, etc ($4,000 value)

$4,000 in custom video editing templates

Exclusive discounts on software & tools

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The Program Journey

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Student orientation
Section #1
Pick your topic
Introduce yourself to the group! Meet other aspiring instructors

Use our proprietary system that matches your goals & strenghts with over 7.6M points of market data to pick the perfect topic.

Section #2
Refine your idea
Ask video questions from your instructors at any time.

Use our 3 step process to find the right course angle, identify your audience, align your course goals, and pick your deliverables.

Section #3
Decide your strategy
Join any of the weekly Q&A sessions.

Decide on which strategy works best for your course: Marketplaces or Independent selling. Based on your selection, we’ll guide you on which sections to focus on.

Section #4
Outline your curriculum
Templates, Follow-along guides, and case studies included

Create a competitive curriculum with proven methods.

Pre-sell your course
Watch a live case study on pre-selling a real course.

Sell your course before you even make it! Get early user feedback and money in your pocket before you even film your first video.

Section #5
Master lecture writing

Learn how to outline and script lectures like a pro, using 1 of 3 techniques.

2 Sentence Technique
Section #6
Start filming your lecture
Shots to fit any budget or space
Pick your favorite shot to recreate from our lookbook
#1 Ultra-Budget Shot
#2 Budget Close-up
#3 Editing Shot
#4 Interview Shot
#5 Sideways Shot
#6 Whiteboard Shot
#7 Medium-Wide Shot
#8 Infinite White Seamless Shot
Create Your First Test Video
Get video support from a professional videographer
Section #7
Learn how to be on camera
Includes pre-recording warm-ups and student critique videos.
Section #8
Slide mastery!
Learn how to edit your lectures
Simple Editing
Advanced Editing
Use our estimation and pre-approved editor list to get this done
Section #9
Finish your course
Stay accountable
Optimize your workflow
Advanced strategies
Section #10
Get ready to sell online
Section #11
Create a winning webinar
Includes customized webinar templates that you can just plug and play
Section #12
Create an ad strategy
Section #13
Create a JV promotion strategy
Includes pitch templates, case studies and contracts
Section #14
Learn how to maintain & scale enrollments
Section #15
Add additional revenue streams

Learn how to grow your income by using your content elsewhere. Books, consulting, YouTube channels, paid speaking gigs, are all on the table.

The Most Comprehensive Course
Creation Program In The World
40+ hours of self-paced video content!

“I couldn’t recommend the Six Figure Instructor program more highly for someone who wants to make an online course and also get the skills to produce video content for their business.

It’s incredibly thorough and takes you through the whole process step by step, with guidance and really clear examples. I simply wouldn’t have been able to complete my course while running my companies, I would’ve been stuck early on both recording and editing. That wasted time and frustration would’ve meant I would’ve just prioritized other things over the course, or muddled through and ended up with something that wasn’t anywhere near as professional or profitable.”

Nikki Snell, Beta Cohort
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Video access to your instructor

Ask questions directly

Weekly Q&A sessions

Access to a professional videographer for support

Access to private group of course creators


  • Network with other creators
  • Find co-instructors for your course
  • Share marketing insights
  • Share course creation
  • Buy & resell gear
  • Cross promote courses with
Automatic accountability

Want us to keep you accountable?

Sign the pledge and we’ll regularly check-in with you.

Don’t want to edit your course? We’ll edit for you

We’ll only charge you what it costs us to make, and nothing more.



Taught by
industry-recognized experts

We’ve created 46 courses with over 700,000 paying students.

We’ve also coached 100s of new instructors on how to turn their passion into a six figure a year income.

This program is everything we WISH we had when we first started making online courses.

Don’t make the same mistakes we did. Learn from our experience, and get to success in a fraction of the time.

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We are both in the TOP 1% of online instructors in the world.

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