“6 Figures a Year” Planner

Symon He

Find your unique path to six figures with eLearning.

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As online instructors, we teach courses on just about every topic out there.  But regardless of what we’re teaching, who we’re teaching it towards, most of of share one significant milestone with respect to earnings: breaking the six figure a year barrier.

Over 4000 instructors did that in 2020. Another 2000 are expected to join the ranks in 2021.

So what does it take to earn $100K+/year teaching online?

Well, having been in the space for over 4 years and cracked that milestone several times over ourselves but doing it in different ways and seeing so many others do it in their own ways, we know for a fact that everyone can chart their own unique path to a six figure income with online courses.

As a way to help ourselves and our students visualize these potential paths more easily, we made a free Six Figure Planner Tool.

The tool will help you:

  • Chart different potential paths you could take to reach six figures teaching online
  • Show you the nearly a dozen different income streams online instructors utilize to grow their income
  • And give you a behind a scenes look at what Evan and Symon’s income breakdown looks like