How much time do I need to create an online course?

Evan Kimbrell

5 minutes read

A lot less time than you might think.

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When Symon first started working on his course, he was working full time and was a full time caregiver to his ailing mother. He could only find 2-4 hours a week to work on his first course, often late in the evening or early mornings. And his experience isn’t unique. Many new instructors, including many who went through our SFI program, had to find time between their day jobs, child care, and everything else that life typically throws at you.

So how much time does it take to make an online course?

That might not be right question to ask since you could technically make an online course over the weekend in a couple of hours but that doesn’t mean it’ll be a good course that generates consistent sales.  The better question to ask is how much time does it take to make a GOOD online course.

Short answer: It depends.

As a very rough guide, having made nearly 50 courses ourselves and coached many others through their first online courses, it typically takes between 10 to 20 hours of work to produce 1 hour of

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